joi, 30 iunie 2011


Imi tremura sufletul, si tremur si eu de dorul lui,
Iar lumea mea e mult prea luminoasa, caci Noaptea mi-a murit de mult,
Si mi-a murit si moartea, dar asta n-o stim decat eu,
Raman sa bantui campuri
Urzind din umbra vechilor stafii,
Un suflet nou, mai mult decat nemuritor.
Si-apoi, intr-o viitoare zi, o regasesc, mai neagra decat o stiam:
"Tu cine esti?" ma-ntreaba Noaptea,
"Nu sunt decat un suflet vesnic calator".

marți, 28 iunie 2011

I see the mirror and its edges, I see the watery shine,
I see the smothness of the surface, the liquid vanity inside,
All that you see is what you cannot explain
Deep behind the serene there's a turmoil and plague,
I am what I should be, or am I not?
It depends on what you choose to see
The way to free yourself of scars:
Just break the glass, place the mirror in your eyes;
What hides behind the silver dust?
Is that really you, or is it someone else,
Is that true? The mirror knows best
I touch the hard skin of its frame and hope to fall
Some place behind the glaze
I'm still here, I press my lips against, mine,
There she is, the other me, a twin watching my every move
Reflecting a shell, does she have a soul?
Mimetic ghoul or astral kin,
Feels like I've lost a part of me inside the mirror's world,
My fingers trace the shape of the outside,
And a cold touch greets them,
On the surface of the mirror, I see myself, changing.

I'll take a piece and place it in your hand,
That way you'll have me forever,
Embeded in the shifting wave.

miercuri, 22 iunie 2011

My new Polyvore account

My new Polyvore account. Random nonsense and silly clothes.

The Starchild

We're trying so hard, to belong in a world
That never wanted us at all
We cover our bare self, with empty shells,
Empty like myself;
There's no other child, to cry my tears,
There's no solution for us
Remember me?

I am the Starchild, I am the Star
Everyone is me, and I know us all

We believe in our Gods, but they live in the stars
Our prayers get lost along the way,
Can't blame the Makers for our human traits, our evil ways, it's all the same
This land, can no longer crucify a saint,
You called for me, I am here
Remember me?

marți, 21 iunie 2011

House of tears

It's not safe inside your walls,
Does this room still flood with tears?
You've drowned in it so many times
The light outside your window
Won't bring the sun inside,
The dark corner you live in
Has room only for one.

The angels on the walls
Folded their wings and fell asleep,
Just like the pain inside your heart,
The frozen ground beneath your feet;
They're waiting for a reason,
Still waiting for the whisper,
To set creation free.

You've blindfolded your windows
And no one will see you fall,
But as you're trapped inside these walls
The sun still warms the house you sleep in,
The house of pain you've burried dreams in.

Now there's no point in trying,
The wishes have all vanished,
There's chaos all around you
You might as well embrace it,
These gates will keep no secrets.

Soon enough

Dusty sandclouds darken up my sky
Will I ever see the sun arise?
Teardrops hang by the corner of my eye,
Soon enough, there will be no place to hide.

Dying scenery, will light ever prevale?
Blackened rivers, sliding off their trail
Hurt and despair, don't you even care?
Soon enough, this will be your cross to bare.

Sign your sentence, through the children's cry,
Empty branches, reaching for the sky,
Hollow ending, this closed the book of time,
Soon enough, there'll be nothing left behind.

Sub apa.

Casa mi se scufunda incet in apa, si sper doar sa nu uit sa inot.
...cand picioarele mele vor atinge fundul apei, voi privi in sus si soarele va fi tot acolo;
Nimic nu e schimbat sub apa, doar totul pare mai adanc si plin,
Si timpul trece repede sub apa, insa clipele se divid mai incet.
Si totul curge incet sub apa, fiindca ea nu lasa nimic sa stea,
Prea mult am stat si eu sub apa, si apa m-a luat cu ea.

If she's there, why am I still here?

To choose

If you had to choose your world,
To choose a life, to be your own
What would you do?
What would you choose?
And if the Gods would grant you wishes, what would you wish for if you
Only knew, the God's in you,
Why do we sacrifice holy silence for words, only meaningless words
We lose ourselves in vague illusions, just to prove that we still dream, is this true?
Grey clouds on a perfect summer sky
Is this what you wish for when you
Go to sleep at night
Hoping no one knows how much you've hoped for
Every breath sealed up a childhood dream
You left aside,
Oh, what is this insanity we live in?
Blessings count for miracles but they're out of sight
We lost our sight, we're blind
So many tomorows that will never change our lives
Yet still we are, still standing, still demanding a chance
From who...if the God is still there, waiting,
Lost inside of you.