marți, 21 iunie 2011

House of tears

It's not safe inside your walls,
Does this room still flood with tears?
You've drowned in it so many times
The light outside your window
Won't bring the sun inside,
The dark corner you live in
Has room only for one.

The angels on the walls
Folded their wings and fell asleep,
Just like the pain inside your heart,
The frozen ground beneath your feet;
They're waiting for a reason,
Still waiting for the whisper,
To set creation free.

You've blindfolded your windows
And no one will see you fall,
But as you're trapped inside these walls
The sun still warms the house you sleep in,
The house of pain you've burried dreams in.

Now there's no point in trying,
The wishes have all vanished,
There's chaos all around you
You might as well embrace it,
These gates will keep no secrets.

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