marți, 28 iunie 2011

I see the mirror and its edges, I see the watery shine,
I see the smothness of the surface, the liquid vanity inside,
All that you see is what you cannot explain
Deep behind the serene there's a turmoil and plague,
I am what I should be, or am I not?
It depends on what you choose to see
The way to free yourself of scars:
Just break the glass, place the mirror in your eyes;
What hides behind the silver dust?
Is that really you, or is it someone else,
Is that true? The mirror knows best
I touch the hard skin of its frame and hope to fall
Some place behind the glaze
I'm still here, I press my lips against, mine,
There she is, the other me, a twin watching my every move
Reflecting a shell, does she have a soul?
Mimetic ghoul or astral kin,
Feels like I've lost a part of me inside the mirror's world,
My fingers trace the shape of the outside,
And a cold touch greets them,
On the surface of the mirror, I see myself, changing.

I'll take a piece and place it in your hand,
That way you'll have me forever,
Embeded in the shifting wave.

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